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Get a Free Sign up bonus with the Referral code “5940167” and get 30% discount on all crypto trades. is one of the leading crypto chains like Binance or CoinEx through which you can invest in coins like Bitcoin, ETH, etc furthermore you can earn money,free Welcome bonus of 1000$ on deposit, contract bonus,  claim $5500 worth of USDTest and rewards when you sign up with a referral code.

Isn’t it really worth spending money on crypto! So, go and Sign up using the Referral code to get 1000$ future bonus and $100 Gate points Bonus as a reward. Moreover, earn a 40% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! Your friends also get an extra 30% discount on paying a trading fee. referral codeRegister here- get 30$ off + trade & claim $1000 

Benefits of Referral code 2022

The Referral ID ”5940167, this code can be used to get the best sign-up bonus on the crypto exchange or  app by new users Crypto Exchange Referral Code 5940167
Refer & Earn $100 Gate points Bonus
Signup Bonus  Trade & claim $5500 worth of USDTest
Per Referral 40%

How to Sign up on using Referral code

For more convenience download App

  1.  Firstly go to the  website and Sign up
  2. Then, fill up the details like username, email, and strong password.
  3. Most important Enter referral id is: 5940167
  4. If you sign up through referral link then code will directly added on block
  5. So, All done and start trading  USDT, BTC, ETC, or any other coin
  6. Trade-in Any pairs like USDT, BTC, ETH
Most Important things you must remember is that you will  get 1000$ bonus and also other bonus after Full E-KYC referral code rewards

How To Earn in with referral code – 40% rebate per referral

EARN – get $1000 USD + $100 gate points on trade and some task

 How to receive/Claim referral bonus in so here are the following steps:

  1. After sign in got the dashoboard of the
  2. Then tap on the wallet and there you find referral
  3. Invite friends Share the referral link or post to your social media group.
  4. Your friends register, sign up and trade through your referral link and conduct a trade.
  5. Earn commission reward You and your friend share 40 % commission reward.
  6. You can earn $1000 USD on KYC2(Verification Plus)
  7. Earn 20 points on fiat transaction
  8. Perpetual contract trsaction get 30 points.
  9. Get 30 points on deposit.
  10. Get all information of task bonus

Referral Rule for getting bonus

Important Notices:

  1. You have to actively claim points and USDTest after completing relevant tasks.
  2. Points can be used to cover spot and contract trading fees; point s are not transferable
  3. USDTest can be used to participate in USDT special activities, not withdrawable , but can be aggregated.
  4. USDTest will display as an account asset, but it is not included in your account value
  5. users of VIP 11 or above cannot participate in trading volume tasks

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