CoinDCX referral Code: Free $25 bonus per referral + BTC Rewards

Get a Free $25 Sign-up bonus with CoinDCX Referral Code “44481814” and get a discount on trading fees. CoinDCX is India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease. when you sign up with my referral code you will get free btc rewards worth of rs 2000 in your CoinDCX wallet.

Moreover, Also Refer your CoinDCX referral code to your friends to earn 50% commission on their trading. You and your friend get $25 as referral rewards when they stake up to 5BTC.

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CoinDCX Referral Code

Benefits of CoinDCX Referral Code 2022

My  Referral Code is 44481814 This code can be used to get the best sign-up bonus on the CoinDCX crypto exchange or app by new users. Go and grab your token/coin with an amazing discount.

Crypto Exchange INFO
CoinDCX Referral Code 44481814 
Refer & Earn offer
Signup Bonus 25$
Per Referral 10% fee

How To Sign up with CoinDXC Referral code:

  1. First of all, Visit CoinDCX Website 
  2. Sign up with your email and password
  3. Most important add CoinDCX Referral Code “44481814″
  4. After that, you receive your verification code on email and then the account is successfully created
  5. enjoy the perks of CoinDCX leverage
  6. Claim to Receive $25 bonus worth of Rs1800.

How to refer and Earn in CoinDCX with Referral ID

  • After Successfully Sign up go the dashboard of CoinDCX
  • There you’ll find account click on it and tap on referral
  • Copy your “Referral Code and “LInK”
  • Invite your friends to trade on CoinDCX and both you and your friend can earn $25 each when your friend trades over a total of 5 BTC across any CoinDCX product, including with leverage on DCXmargin.

How to Add Money & Get Rs.100 Free Bitcoin

  1. Visit CoinDCX homepage, then add details of bank account.
  2. Complete you E-KYC procedure,  go to deposit and make a deposit of Rs.100
  3. Then, Buy BTC of Rs100 With Your Deposit Money
  4. Once you buy, Tap On Sell so that you can get your money.
  5. You’ll receive Extra Rs100 free BTC Within 24 Hours

How to Get Rs.150 BTC in CoinDCX

  1. Download Magicpin App and Search For CoinDCX Coupon.
  2. Now Buy Rs.150 CoinDCX Voucher By Just pay INR 2.
  3. Claim it on Your Newly Created Account of CoinDCX by applying coupon code.

Another ₹200 Bitcoins FREE

Use This coinDCX code – OFFER201 & YYou will get assured ₹200 Free Bitcoin as New User rewards from CoinDCX. This offer is Valid only for new users. Old Users ( Who Signed Up after 5th May 2021) will also get benefit


How exactly does CoinDCX’s new referral program work?

If someone uses your Reference Number while signing up and trades worth more than 5 BTC, both you and whomsoever used your Reference No. will receive 25 USDT directly in your CoinDCX wallet.

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