AAX Referral code: $110 Welcome Bonus + 50% Fee off

Get a Free Sign-up bonus with the AAX Referral code “o5KMrc87M1WD” and get a 50% discount on all crypto trades. AAX is a Crypto platform that provides you huge benefits when you stake coins like Bitcoin, ETH, ADA, Ripple, terra, etc. and has new ways of growing your earnings in crypto like special rewards, Referral programs, and, sign-up bonuses($110) with referral codes.

Isn’t it really worth spending money on crypto! So, go and Sign up using the AAX Referral code to earn a 40% commission on every friend’s trading fees when you refer anyone! On each invited friend get 20 USDT on your account.

$110 Welcome Bonus- Register With AAX Referral Link

AAX Referral Code

Benefits of AAX Referral code 2022

My referral ID is ” o5KMrc87M1WDthis code can be used to get the best sign-up bonus on the AAX crypto exchange or app by new users. AAX 3rd phase offering $50000 USDT prize pool for new users. Moreover, also deposit some USDT to buy crypto to chance to win the rewards like iPhone 13 pro.

AAX Crypto Exchange
AAX referral Code o5KMrc87M1WD
Refer & Earn Register
Signup Bonus $110 USD  Welcome bonus
Per Referral 50% commission

How To Sign up with AAX Referral Code- Claim your Welcome bonus

For more Convenience download the APP

  1. First of all Signup on AAX Exchange
  2. You can either sign up with mobile no. or email
  3. Then, enter your email, password and get a verification code.
  4. Most important, enter AAX referral code: o5KMrc87M1WD
  5. Account Created you can trade and get cashback.
  6. Make Sure to do E-KYC to claim the welcome bonus of $110 and other prize pool
  7. So, start trading BTC, ETH, or XLM easily to get rewards.

How To Earn From Referral Code in AAX Exchange


How to receive/Claim referral bonus with AAX Referral program  here are the following steps:

  • After Successfully signing in AAXaccount.
  • then, go to the Dashboard and then click promotion
  • After Then tap the “Referral 
  • There You can view your AAX “Referral ID” and “Referral Link”.
  • Share with Referral Code with your family and friend and search invited friends get 20 USDT
  • So, go and invest to Earn rewards and a Free Welcome bonus $110 when you deposit
  • earn up to 40%commission and 10% 2nd level commission on full verification in AAX
  • Get also Prize pool of 50000 USDT- 

AAX Referral Code

How to get my AAX bonus?

Simple Steps. Earn up to $110 worth of BTC
  1. Open an AAX account.
  2. Complete identity verification level 1.
  3. Get a chance to get $110 USD worth of BTC Welcome Bonus.
  4. Deposit 1,500 USDT worth of digital assets or above.
  5. Also get Earn an extra 10% off on welcome bonus

Sign up to get $110 bonus

How to Trading fee discount in AAX: Future referral code

First 3 months futures taker fee will be 10% off and 70$ reward for your trade-in futures. The reward would be 110$ respectively Now. But make sure to do E-KYC verification to get rewards

AAX referral code

AAX Referral Rules-

  • During the Promotion Period, Referrers may refer by sharing a custom referral link, getting potential users to scan their QR code, and using their unique code at sign up. Users that have already registered for an AAX Account on our Platform prior to the Promotion Period are not eligible to be Referrals. However, the referrer will still receive a 20% commission rebate on the users they referred prior to the campaign period.
  •  In order to make a Successful Referral, Referrers are required to abide by the following conditions:
  • A Referrer must share their exclusive Referral Code, link or QR code with their Referrals, and Referrals must successfully open an AAX account using any of the above-mentioned methods; and
  • The Referrer and Referral shall complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) level 1 for identity verification on the AAX platform; and
  • The Referral cumulatively generates 10,000 USDT in trading volume on the spot or futures markets, and cumulatively deposits 500 USDT via P2P, Quick Buy and Sell, fiat deposit or crypto deposit.
  • 5. The Referrer can earn 20 USDT for each successful referral, while the referral will earn 50 USDT if they cumulatively trade at least 10,000 USDT and cumulatively deposits at least 500 USDT (“Referral Rewards”)


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